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The Casey Cardinia Region (map) is as little as 45 minutes to Melbourne’s CBD, the Port and Airports. The region has exceptional access to major highways and rail lines. Casey Cardinia includes fast-growing urban, commercial and industrial centres. Major ongoing infrastructure investment to continually enhance the region’s connectivity to Melbourne, Victoria and the nation.

The Casey Cardinia region provides a great balance between city and country living, providing convenience to the city, yet the peace and tranquillity of the country. Such unique proximity makes the region very popular for new residents seeking the best of both worlds. A range of urban estate developments through to rural-residential options are available for residents who prefer the open space and cleanliness of urban fringe areas. House prices are amongst the most affordable in the greater Melbourne area and an attractive proposition particularly to young families.

The Casey Cardinia region has a population of almost 412,000 people. Between 2011 and 2016, the area added approximately 67,000 persons, making it one of the fastest growth areas (amongst LGAs) in Australia. This rate of growth is expected to continue with the population projected to swell to over 500,000 by 2031. One of the region’s unique assets is the sheer diversity of ethnic and cultural background of its residents - over 100 languages are spoken across the region, with a significant 30% of residents speaking a 2nd language at home.

This website provides demographic insights for the Casey Cardinia Region. For further information contact Casey Cardinia Region Economic Development Team.

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